UGLW - Unofficial Guide to Legoland Windsor

Unofficial Guide to Legoland Windsor


UGLW: Unofficial Guide to Legoland Windsor
Everything you need to know - and more - about your visit to Lego Land, one of the UK's top tourist attractions



Family Organiser Calendar

What the UGLW organiser calendar looks like when printed out - one month view. Click image to view a larger version in a new window.
What the UGLW organiser calendar looks like when printed out - one month view. Click image to view a larger version in a new window.

Print out our free family organiser calendar.

We couldn't find a family organiser we liked, so we made our own!

It's yours to customise and print out and use throughout the year. You can of course use it for other things too, like a department at work.

Family calendar
Family calendar
How the UGLW Family Organiser Calendar looks printed on A4 paper landscape

How to make your calendar

It's easy!

  1. The calendar is printed out in months, so decide what you want your first month to be and select the correct month and year below.
  2. Decide what paper size you are going to print on and set the row height in pixels accordingly (this is the height of each row in the calendar). If you are lucky enough to have access to an A3 printer then printing in portrait is ideal, try 30 pixels. For an A4 printer we recommend printing in landscape, this will print 2 halves of each month and you can simply tape them together making one larger (A3) sheet. For this size, again try 30 pixels. For a smaller calendar on single page A4 portrait, try 19 pixels.
  3. Enter the names you want shown on the organiser. You should enter at least one. These names are shown at the top of each column on the calendar. Typically these would be the names of people in your family.
  4. Press the Make calendar button. Your calendar organiser should show in a new window.
  5. Choose File, Print Preview in your browser to see what it looks like. You might have to alter the row height if the print does not fit on one page.
  6. Printing hints for Chrome browser:
    • Right click the page and select "Print..."
    • Choose Layout: Landscape (for landscape on A4 paper version)
    • To clear any header/footer text choose "More settings" and untick "Headers and footers"
  7. Printing hints for Internet Explorer browser:
    • When printing you might get the URL (http://...) shown in the header along with other things. To get rid of these, choose File, Page Setup then delete the codes shown in the Header and Footer boxes (or change each drop down to "-Empty-"). Then press OK.
    • To show a nice shaded border on the organiser rather than just solid black, go to Tools, Internet Options, Advanced tab and tick Print background colors and images about three quarters of the way down the list, then press OK. (In Internet Explorer 9 you will find this same tick box by going to File, Page Setup...)
  8. Finally if you have printed on A4 landscape (2 sheets per month), tape together on the back of each pair of sheets. And hole punch the top so you can put some string through and hang it up - see our photo below.
UGLW Family Organiser Calendar
Here's the UGLW Family Organiser Calendar printed on A4 landscape, taped together, hole punched and with some hanging string through it - nice!
Row height pixels
A4 paper: try 19
A3 paper: try 30
Headings for columns (family names)
Up to 10 columns

(Opens new window)



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2024 Season
Legoland Windsor is currently open. See the Legoland Opening Times page for details.

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Your guide has been so helpful especially the directions to get there from the m4 - it saved us loads of time. We used your site to plan for the day which meant we got so much more out of it. Thanks so much.

CS, 2 September 2017


We love your webpage, it is a big-big help to plan and organize everything.

R, 23 May 2017


Thanks for this wonderful site. It really helped us get the most out of our day at Legoland yesterday.

GW, 3 June 2016


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