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UGLW: Unofficial Guide to Legoland Windsor
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Pirate Falls

It's very easy to get lulled in to a false sense of security when you start Legoland's log flume ride Pirate Falls Treasure Quest. It starts off very smoothly as you glide around gentle curves. Even the rapids section is fairly gentle - you bump over "rocks" along the course. The pirate theme manifests itself in pirate figures throughout the course. There is some movement and water explosions but nothing to get excited about.

Pirate Falls ride at Legoland Windsor
Pirate Falls ride at Legoland Windsor - just after the main drop at the end

Where it really starts getting interesting is at the foot of the ramp which takes you up to the pirates "cabin" high in the air. You are jolted up on the friction ramp and your boat sits at an angle of about 35 degrees. This tends to drop everyone towards the back of the boat - you are sitting astride a seat one behind another, so be sure you know each other well! The ride does have a tendency to stop for a few seconds occasionally and if you happen to be on the uphill ramp at the time you will just have to sit there in mid air.

When you reach the top of the ramp you move in to an enclosed area which is dark and can be a little scary for the very young. The boat moves along on a track at this point. After a few seconds of this you can see the "light at the end of the tunnel" - and this is where the fun really begins. You drop down a steep slope on a ramp with flowing water, picking up considerable speed - and being photographed at the same time, of course. You end up in a splash pool - and the chances of escaping dry are very low indeed.

Video of the drops at the end of the Pirate Falls ride:

Can't use the screen above? Try the alternative video link.

You then return to the beginning with a left turn - watch out for the wash pushing you along from the following boat when that hits the water.

Duplo Lego play area at Pirate Falls queue in Legoland Windsor
Duplo Lego play area at Pirate Falls queue in Legoland Windsor

Pirate Falls is one of the most popular rides in the park. It has a large queuing area which includes LEGO Duplo bricks for the kids to amuse themselves with, see photo. There is a strategically placed rain cape machine (adult and children's sizes available) towards the end of the queue.

This is a fun ride which all but the very young will enjoy. Try to include it on your day out at Legoland Windsor.

Location: Pirate Shores.

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