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Duplo Valley Airport

Duplo Valley Airport was known as Chopper Squadron until 2013.

Aimed at smaller children, this ride is in Duplo Valley and lets you "take off" in your own private helicopter. There is space for 3 pilots on board each one. There are 2 levers in front of you - once the ride starts, one of them turns you round clockwise or anticlockwise and the other one raises and lowers you. You don't go too high and the safety bar keeps you locked in place. At least one adult is required per helicopter.

Fun for small budding pilots but not the most exciting of Legoland's rides.

Duplo Valley Airport ride at Legoland Windsor
Chopper Squadron ride at Legoland Windsor

Some video of the ride in action, taken from some distance away:

Can't use the screen above? Try the alternative video link.

This ride was called Whirlybirds until the beginning of the 2007 season when it changed name to Chopper Squadron. It became Duplo Valley Airport in 2013 when Duplo Land was improved and renamed to Duplo Valley.

Location: Duplo Valley.

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