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Unofficial Guide to Legoland Windsor


UGLW: Unofficial Guide to Legoland Windsor
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Driving School

Similar to the L-Drivers ride for younger children, this one is for kids aged 6-13. Children have the opportunity to drive an electric car around a track.

A detailed training video is shown in the waiting area, where the children are introduced to the two pedals - accelerator and brake, plus given some important safety information.

Legoland Windsor Driving School
Legoland Windsor Driving School, showing the garage where the cars are recharged

Then it's on to the course itself which is designed to look like a UK road layout with zebra crossings, T-junctions, 2 way roads and bends.

It's interesting for the kids to drive round and the parents to watch - there are plenty of places to watch around the course, though near the exit is the most popular place to view.

As they pass through the exit, the kids are given a Legoland driving licence.

Legoland Windsor Driving School
Legoland Windsor Driving School, close up of 2 self-drive cars

A "proper" licence can be purchased which includes a photocard with the child's photo and a clear holder and neck strap. The booth for these is near the exit.

A very popular ride with the kids.

Location: Traffic.

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1 July 2015
Legoland is currently open every day until early September. Hooray!

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