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UGLW: Unofficial Guide to Legoland Windsor
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Pirates of Skeleton Bay harbour show

Head for Lego City and the Harbour - you can't miss it, with its large black and white pirate-themed lighthouse in the middle of the lake. Here you'll find seating and ice cream carts. Take a seat and enjoy the stunt show Pirates of Skeleton Bay. Ha har, me harties!

From the 2007 harbour show: Johnny Thunder with a baddie on top of the tower in the centre of the lake
From the 2007 harbour show: Johnny Thunder with a baddie on top of the tower in the centre of the lake which forms the stage for the show

The show features around 10 energetic actors using the lighthouse, rope bridge, lake and the platforms surrounding it as their stage in a high-energy action packed show.

There is lots of action, music and laughter. Some of the characters enter using jet skis. There are high jumps from the rope bridge and the top of the lighthouse. Plus slapstick humour on the platforms, including some acrobatics as characters use the equipment to jump over each other.

There is a chance for audience participation by being near one of the 4 buttons that are pressed to drench the baddies.

There is a marked "Splash Zone" - near the front at the centre. You will get wet if you sit here.

Some videoed scenes from the similar 2007 show:

Can't use the screen above? Try the alternative video link.

The show is staged around 3-4 times per day depending on season. Grab a Legoland map for details or see the display board at The Beginning as you look over the park.

Get there at least 10 minutes before a performance to get a good seat (actually there are no seats - just steps to sit on).

It is well worth setting aside some time to see the harbour show Pirates of Skeleton Bay. All the family will enjoy it. It's a time to grab some refreshment and take the weight off your feet.

Location: Lego City.

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