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SQUID Surfer

SQUID Surfer (formerly Wave Surfer, which is a better name in our opinion) is a water based ride where you climb on a wave surfer (like a jet ski) in twos - one in front and one behind. The ride then moves you out in the the water and you are spun round in a roundabout-like way.

SQUID Surfer ride at Legoland Windsor
SQUID Surfer ride at Legoland Windsor
SQUID Surfer ride at Legoland Windsor
SQUID Surfer ride at Legoland Windsor

There are 2 roundabouts each having around 8 wave surfers. There is some element of control in that you can "steer" the wave surfer, moving further out or coming closer in to the centre of the roundabout. An added twist is that spectators round the edge can trigger "water bombs" that explode and get riders even wetter than they are already.

Watch a video of the SQUID Surfer ride, with the previous Wave Surfer theming:

Can't use the screen above? Try the alternative video link.

SQUID Surfer was called Adventurers' Wave Surfer for many years until Legoland simplified the name to Wave Surfer. Then in 2012 they changed it again to SQUID Surfer - we don't know why.

An interesting experience for riders and a popular ride.

Location: Adventure Land.

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