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UGLW: Unofficial Guide to Legoland Windsor
Everything you need to know - and more - about your visit to Lego Land, one of the UK's top tourist attractions


Boating School

A gentle ride in a self-drive boat. Boating School is a very popular attraction and peak-time queues will be long. Up to 3 people can ride in each electrically-powered plastic boat which is, of course, styled like Lego in places.

Boating School ride at Legoland Windsor
Boating School ride at Legoland Windsor

Queuing is mainly under cover and within the queue there are Lego building areas (using DUPLO blocks) to make the time pass quicker for the younger ones. Once you are queuing on the bridge look for the windows above the boarding platforms - this is where the ride operators control the locking mechanisms which keep the boats steady(ish) when boarding.

Boarding the boat is sometimes an event in itself because it doesn't always stay stable. When you board you will find a "Go" pedal just to the right of centre and the steering wheel in the middle. Children love to steer the boat, however you will find the steering only works properly when you have the Go pedal down (this makes water shoot past the rudder).

Two Boating Schoolers aproach the end of the ride
Two Boating Schoolers aproach the end of the ride

There is a predefined route which you should follow, although you can go as fast or slow as you wish as there is plenty of room to overtake. Watch out for Lego animals on your journey - most notably the crocodile and the elephant (we won't spoil the surprise with the elephant).

You may see the Orient Expedition train go overhead. This is a good example of how well the Legoland park is designed - it's almost as if the rides interact with each other. There are 30 boats on the water.

It doesn't always go smoothly! The boats only go forwards and so sometimes captains get it wrong and steer in to a corner, from which there is no escape! As you can see in this video, Legoland staff members will come along and help you out:

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Boating School is an oasis of calm once you are on the water - recommended.

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